Summit Helicopters has a complete team of experienced pilots and first class helicopters to accommodate all of your vertical lift needs. Our pilots receive annual training from Bell Helicopter to maintain the highest level of safety during all phases of flight. All of our helicopters are maintained in house to the strictest FAA standards currently available. Our Fleet of helicopters include Hiller UH-12ET Soloy's, Bell 206B's, 206L's, and 205A-1++'s. No matter your helicopter needs or requirements, Summit has the aircraft and pilots to fulfill your mission.

Charter/Aerial Survey Flights

Charter and aerial survey flights

Summit specializes in FAA Part 135 charter flights and has been performing charter flights as a 135 helicopter operator since 1982. The 135 certificate permits Summit to perform a vast array of charter services ranging from passenger transport, real estate development surveys, aerial photography and cinematography. Summit has the skill and experience to safely transport your passengers anywhere within the Mid-Atlantic. Whether you need a transfer from the airport to a business meeting or you require visits to several job sites within a short period of time, we have the right aircraft for you. Our fleet of aircraft can accommodate up to 6 passengers at a time with prices that will fit your budget.


Summit Helicopters, Inc has an exclusive relationship with Primland resort, in Meadows of Dan, Virginia to offer helicopter services for the resort.


Powerline/Pipeline Patrol

Powerline Patrol

Summit's pilots have years of experience flying in the wire environment for utility companies throughout the southeast. Our pilots are especially adept at flying in mountainous terrain getting you close to the structures and lines you need to inspect. Additionally, Summit performs LIDAR inspections and emergency patrols to help you find your outage in the quickest most economical fashion, minimizing your customer complaints and maximizing your corporate profits. 





Aerial Application

Ariel Application

If you are looking for a safe, efficient and effective solution for your aerial application project then look no further than Summit Helicopters, Inc. Starting in the spring of 1981, Summit Helicopters built a reputation of providing a precise, first class service in a timely manner for customers requiring aerial application of herbicides and fertilizers. Since that time, Summit Helicopters has treated millions of acres of Forestry, Utility and Aquatic sites with our fleet of helicopters throughout the Southeastern United States. Summit achieves precision aerial application through the use of GPS guidance systems. Summit also has vast experience on special projects such as Gypsy Moth control and Tent Caterpillar control.


Aerial Lift and External Load

Ariel lift and external load

The pilots at Summit Helicopters have a wide range of experience in flying with external loads. Whether you have a construction project that requires the precise placement of a piece of equipment on the roof, a power line that needs to be pulled across a valley to a new pole or a remote work site that is environmentally sensitive and requires supplies to be delivered quickly and with the least amount of impact as possible, Summit can make your planning and completion as head ache free as possible. Our aircraft have the ability to lift up to 3500lbs at a time, allowing you to move more supplies in a shorter period of time. We have the right mix of aircraft to fit whatever size project you are planning.


Aerial Fire Suppression

Ariel fire suppression

Summit Helicopters puts the "Suppression" in Aerial Fire Suppression. Over the past 30 years, Summit has partnered with Local, State and Federal agencies to assist with and support fire suppression projects throughout the United States. Our pilots, mechanics and aircraft all have been carded and approved by the United States Forest Service for contracting anywhere in the United States. Our pilots are mountain trained and qualified as well as long line trained and qualified. Additionally, Summit has approval for aerial ignition with our aircraft for fire burnout operations or prescribed burning projects. When your next fire starts give us a call and we'll help you put it out.