Air Medical Transport Completions

When it comes to EMS configured helicopters, it's all about form and function. With the high demand for space and functionality required for patient transport and the need for weight reduction, Summit Helicopters is well aware of the need for smart, intuitive placement of inverters, power outlets, oxygen ports, vacuum and patient monitoring devices. We are also aware of the necessity for state of the art avionics to reduce pilot workload and increase situational awareness. Traffic, attitude, terrain, altitude and pilot isolation from the crew are all critical to mission completion.


Summit Helicopters is an authorized installation facility for Spectrum Aeromed.
Spectrum aeromed

Spectrum Aeromed is a recognized leader in modular air ambulance systems.  Our customized life support systems are quick-change, lightweight and interchangeable between most air and ground ambulances. Ideal for dedicated or multimission aircraft.


Bell 407 Description: Spectrum Aeromd has an innovative and uniquely designed articulating stretcher for the Bell series. With one hand movement this stretcher is tested up to 400 pounds with no binding of pivoting deck from full extension outside the aircraft to locked position inside. It eliminates lifting and is designed with crew safety in mind. The fully advanced life support options include oxygen, air, suction and electrical outlets, as well as storage and radio bays. Options also include the ITS deck to safely transport incubators.

Bell 407 helicopter Spectrum Aeromed articulating stretcher in a Bell 407
Bell 407 helicopter Loading an incubator with a Spectrum Aeromed ITS Deck into Bell 407
Bell 407 helicopter Spectrum Aeromed Medical Panel in a Bell 407